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#630: explain debian compatibility: run-from-source vs run-from-.deb-package
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Component:  packaging  |         Version:  1.3.0    
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 Thank you for writing this up!  This is a good plan.

 Now, as a matter of policy, which Debian/Ubuntu versions should we target
 to meet the second kind of "supported" -- the apt-get-centric kind?  I
 suggest Ubuntu Hardy, Ubuntu Intrepid, and Debian Lenny.  Zandr the
 allmydata.com Ops Guy says that he is happy requiring Ubuntu Hardy on
 things instead of having tahoe maintain apt-get-style compatibility with
 Ubuntu Gutsy, and also the Tahoe-1.3.0 release doesn't have the apt-get-
 centric kind of compatibility with Gutsy, since the Nevow installation on
 Gutsy doesn't have a .egg-info file, and Tahoe-1.3.0 generates a bin/tahoe
 executable using setuptools.  (This may not have been entirely intended --
 I didn't mean to make the bin/tahoe executable which worked on Gutsy in
 Tahoe-1.2.0 stop working in Tahoe-1.3.0.  Once we have the automated
 testing described in this ticket then such unexpected changes will be less

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