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#640: Cli fs operations refactoring
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Component:  code-frontend-cli  |         Version:  1.3.0    
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 Actually, almost each of the cli commands implement their own logic to do
 fs operations, both local-side and tahoe-side. I think that most of the
 command modules should be refactored to use common code. This is for many
 reasons among:

  * remove duplication;
  * code comprehensibility and normalization of behavior;
  * spread avaiability of improvements found in latter commands (backup) to
 other commands;
  * easier implementation of new features like non-ascii charset handling
 for filenames;
  * better handling of logging?

 The steps in order to do that (that i can see):

  1. Recognize the needs of each command in term of fs manipulation;

  2. Look at the best implementation available and eventually improve it;

  3. maybe design a minimal layer that will help handling alias/path/cap
 based opetations  and other cases.

 Other interesting points to discuss:

  * See if a replacement of httplib with twisted can help in parallelizing
 and increasing the bandwidth usage.

 Let's discuss it!

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