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#534: "tahoe cp" command encoding issue
     Reporter:  francois           |       Owner:             
         Type:  defect             |      Status:  reopened   
     Priority:  minor              |   Milestone:  undecided  
    Component:  code-frontend-cli  |     Version:  1.2.0      
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Comment(by francois):

 Ok, the latest patch bundle (unicode.dpatch) will hopefully fix all those
 unicode issues (including #629) in a much cleaner way.

 All encoding conversion code is now located in stringutils.py. It provides
 a single location where we might be able to use better encoding detection
 methods such as those discussed on the mailing-list.

 Methods currently in used are:

   * for command line arguments (sys.argv)
     * convert from UTF-8 to unicode
     * if it fails, returns an UsageError

   * for text display (sys.stdout)
     * convert from unicode to sys.stdout.encoding and replace non-
 representable characters by '?'

   * for filename encoding on the filesystem (os.listdir(), open())
     * convert between sys.getfilesystemencoding() and unicode
     * if it fails, returns an UsageError

 Many precondition checks have been added to ensure that filenames are
 treated as unicode objects.

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