[tahoe-dev] [tahoe-lafs] #534: "tahoe cp" command encoding issue

Francois Deppierraz francois at ctrlaltdel.ch
Thu Feb 26 08:14:17 UTC 2009

Andrej Falout wrote:

> OK, got it running: Is this expected behavior:
> twisted.python.usage.UsageError: Filename 'Rotha�s Lament.mid' cannot be
> decoded using the current encoding of your filesystem (UTF-8). Please
> rename this file.

Yes, this is expected behavior. It means that this particular filename
is not encoded with UTF-8 even though your filesystem is configured so.

I guess that "ls" or nautilus/konqueror also displays gibberish, right ?

A tool like convmv [1] might help you to fix your filenames.


[1] http://www.j3e.de/linux/convmv/

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