[tahoe-dev] #534: "tahoe cp" command encoding issue

Andrej Falout andrej at falout.org
Thu Feb 26 23:34:42 UTC 2009


However Andrej's "crude user logic" (;-)) has shown the problem with
> that strategy.

The end-user is eternally grateful for noticing ;-)

> Okay, folks, what do you think?  One of these Strategy 2 options, or
> yet a different Strategy?

Which one will let me back up my files? That one is the best :-)

Consider adding different approaches that user can choose as appropriate at
run-time using configuration file or command line options.

> By the way, Andrej, the reason that we were earlier proposing to do
> Strategy 1, which Francois's patch implemented, and which rejects
> yout filename is because Tahoe can't know whether that filename will
> come out as gibberish in certain views, such as the ls/nautilus/
> konqueror that you mentioned, or if you share the file with a
> friend.  However, I guess in this case it is better to pass the data
> through and let it be Someone Else's Problem.

That's the one... :-) You can rest assured that 100% of crude end-users will
choose to have a first picture of there baby with gibberish file name,
instead of not having it at all.

Is it realistic to hope to be able to back up my files with current state of
the file names in the next 7 days or so?

Andrej Falout
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