[tahoe-dev] allmydata.com grid full

Zooko at allmydata.com zooko at allmydata.com
Sun Nov 8 10:59:09 UTC 2009

On Friday,2009-11-06, at 7:57 , David Abrahams wrote:

> Thanks; some questions:
> * How's that going?

The summary is that you can upload at the moment, and we have a plan  
for building out new capacity so that you'll be able to upload  
reliably in the future.  However, I wouldn't be surprised if there  
are some more periods between now and then when you're unable to  
upload.  Finally, there's no issue with the safety of the files which  
are already uploaded, and there's no known issue with the  
availability to download those files.

On Thursday we restored a storage server named prodtahoe18 to  
service, which has six hard drives for a total of 9 TB of capacity,  
so you should currently be able to upload your files.  However, I  
wouldn't be surprised if that server soon fills up and you cease  
being able to upload again until we do something else.

We bought ten new 2 TB hard drives, but they haven't arrived and been  
installed yet.

We have a long list of problems to fix such as other storage servers  
which have failed to come up after a routine reboot.

We are planning to do a garbage collection run to delete files which  
users have deleted from their user interface or which belonged to old  
users who've unsubscribed.  I don't know how much space that will  
free up.

> * If this happens in the future
>   * Is allmydata.com planning to notify its customers?
>   * Will allmydata.com have some way for us to get an ETA 'till  
> more capacity without specifically asking for it?

I'll defer to Peter the question of how allmydata.com will  
communicate to customers.  I do intend to open up our internal  
monitoring tools which show how full each hard drive is, how busy  
each CPU is, and so on.  That may be useful as a component of Peter's  
customer communication programme, but by itself it is probably too  
much information so I wouldn't expect it to serve as the primary way  
for customers to learn about grid status.



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