[tahoe-dev] got tahoe working on openbsd now

kyle at arbyte.us kyle at arbyte.us
Sun Nov 15 22:40:45 UTC 2009


I'm happy to report that I've got tahoe working on OpenBSD now, connected
to the test grid, and everything looks good.  Thanks Zooko for walking me
through creating a new pycryptopp dist and getting the tahoe build to use

I thought it was worth mentioning that when I run a tahoe command I do get
some warnings about deprecated modules.  Are these well-known and nothing
to worry about?

DeprecationWarning: the md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead
  import os, md5, sys
DeprecationWarning: the sha module is deprecated; use the hashlib module
  import sha
DeprecationWarning: the sets module is deprecated
  import struct, sets, time

My interest in tahoe is to use the allmydata.com service to do backups.  I
obviously won't be using the Windows client software for this, so I need to
create my own backup policy.  I'd like to ask the list if there are common
best known methods for this.

I think my approach will be to designate a few directories I want backed
up, and do the backup operation perhaps every week or so.  I would want to
keep a few historical copies of the data (e.g. one for last week, one for
two weeks ago, up to a couple months of history).  Is there an automated
way for me to do that as an incremental backup, or would I be making a
complete copy every time?

Is there any kind of automatic deletion on the production servers?  I can
easily delete the backups I no longer need, but I'm curious what happens
when someone loses their references to backed up data.  Is that storage
space lost permanently, unrecoverably, or is it somehow reclaimed?

Thanks all!

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