[tahoe-dev] [pycryptopp] #32: fix the build on OpenBSD

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Sun Nov 22 17:48:55 UTC 2009

#32: fix the build on OpenBSD
Reporter:  zooko        |           Owner:        
    Type:  enhancement  |          Status:  new   
Priority:  major        |         Version:  0.5.17
Keywords:  openbsd      |   Launchpad_bug:        

Comment(by joe):

 I am not the original poster, but I had the same issue. The basic problem
 turns out that if you are linking things on OpenBSD compiled with -fpic
 you also need to specify -fpic at link time. Therefore, this seems to
 resolve the problem:

 diff -rN old-trunk/setup.py new-trunk/setup.py
 > extra_link_args.append("-fpic")

 The resulting pycryptopp dropped in the right place causes a build of
 tahoe to succeed, and that build passes all tests.

 My thanks to the helpful directions on how to rebuilt the pycryptopp egg
 and put it in the right place for tahoe, as otherwise this would have been
 much more painful to figure out.

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