[tahoe-dev] private aliases encryption

Marc Doudiet marc.doudiet at nimag.net
Wed Nov 25 13:38:28 UTC 2009

Dear all,

I just started to use tahoe and it seems very interesting. I don't know
if you already talked about that on this ml, but I will share with you
my thought about the file aliases in clear text.
I don't trust my laptop (the disk is not encrypted), I was wondering
which risks I'm facing as the file in aliases in private is not
encrypted, so I just modified my backup script with two lines to decrypt
the file and srm it (secure rm). First step (one time) is to encrypt the
file (gpg -c --cipher-algo BLOWFISH private/aliases), and here is an
example script:


gpg --output /home/user/.tahoe/private/aliases -d

echo "Backuping..."
tahoe backup file backup:

srm /home/user/.tahoe/private/aliases
echo "Backup done... cleaned config files"

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