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#769: need .deb's of pycryptopp and zfec
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Comment(by zooko):

 According to wiki:DownloadDebianPackages there are six debian/ubuntu
 platforms that we currently intend to support (that's how I interpret the
 column titled {{{priority}}}): lenny i386, sid i386, hardy i386, hardy
 amd64, karmic i386, and karmic amd64.

 Of those six two come with Tahoe-LAFS natively (Karmic both i386 anda

 One is currently marked as fully working: hardy i386 has "apt-get
 installable: yes", "deb buildable: yes", "tahoe deb available: yes",
 "support debs available: yes", "runs-from-source: yes.

 The other three all have missing pieces: sid i386 doesn't have "tahoe deb
 available", hardy amd64 doesn't have "support debs available" or "apt-get
 installable" and lenny i386 has a bunch of question marks and
 parentheticals that I don't understand.

 Now the process of producing and hosting .deb's for zfec and pycryptopp is
 very automated.  To set it up you:

  1. Set up a buildslave on the platform for which you wish to produce
  2. Turn on the {{{build_deb=True}}} argument to the {{{make_factory()}}}
 for that builder in the {{{master.cfg}}} file.
  3. Turn on the {{{upload_deb=True}}} argument.
  4. Give that buildslave a flappclient furl in {{{$WORKINGDIR/../../main-
 deb.furl}}} which allows it to upload the resulting .deb to the right
  5. Give that buildslave a flappclient furl in {{{$WORKINGDIR/../../tahoe-
 update-apt.furl}}} which allows it to trigger the "rebuild our apt
 repository" service.

 I am motivated to do these steps for hardy-amd64, but pycryptopp doesn't
 have a hardy-amd64 buildslave.  I guess we're waiting on someone to
 contribute a hardy amd64 buildslave and contribute their time installing
 the flappclient furls.

 I'm personally not motivated to do these steps for other platforms at this
 time.  In particular I don't think we should support platforms that no
 longer get security fixes from their operating system provider, such as
 Ubuntu Gutsy, because there's little point in running a secure Tahoe-LAFS
 node on an insecure operating system.

 But I guess if someone else goes to all the effort to maintain the
 buildslave for any platform then I'll go to the effort of configuring it
 in the {{{master.cfg}}} and creating the flappfurls.

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