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Sat Nov 28 18:13:56 UTC 2009

#769: need .deb's of pycryptopp and zfec
 Reporter:  warner         |           Owner:  nobody    
     Type:  defect         |          Status:  new       
 Priority:  critical       |       Milestone:  eventually
Component:  packaging      |         Version:  1.4.1     
 Keywords:  debian ubuntu  |   Launchpad_bug:            

Comment(by zooko):

 Brian reports that the pycryptopp .deb for Hardy-i386 that we currently
 host is built wrong:

 <warner> the 0.5.16-r669 deb declares a dependency on python-central

 And python-central 0.6.7 is too new for Hardy, apparently.  I just
 realized that pycryptopp doesn't have a buildslave for Hardy-i386 any more
 than it has one for Hardy-amd64, so I'll change the
 wiki:DownloadDebianPackages to show that we don't have .deb's of
 pycryptopp for Hardy-i386 and I'll eventually post to tahoe-dev asking for
 someone to contribute a hardy-i386 and hardy-amd64 buildslave for

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