[tahoe-dev] Production grid, leases, OpenBSD buildslave

Peter Secor secorp at allmydata.com
Sun Nov 29 02:05:53 UTC 2009


   Great that you have it connected! I think our helper is down at the 
moment while we are upgrading our storage capacity, so expect that furl 
to work in the next few days.

   Currently on the production grid you are limited to a single 
root-cap, but note that we give lots of notice and make lots of noise 
before deleting anything, so if you do end up managing more, you just 
have to send us your verify caps for any extra root caps you are 
managing and we can then maintain storage on the back-end.

   If you run "tahoe backup --help" does that give you the details you 
were looking for in terms of command line options?


kyle at arbyte.us wrote:
> Hello list,
> I've gotten my OpenBSD client connected to the production server at
> allmydata.com and am able to use it for backups - yay!  I was able to find
> the introducer by searching the mailing list archives, but the helper
> address I found doesn't seem to work.  What helper should I be using?  (I
> have a lot of upstream bandwidth, so maybe I don't need one anyway.)
> I obtained my rootcap from https://www.allmydata.com/native_client.php.  Am
> I correct in assuming that on the production grid I'm restricted to using
> that single rootcap?  (Even if I can create other rootcaps, they couldn't
> be associated with my login, would be indistinguishable from a non-paying
> person's, and would therefore be expected to be deleted... right?)
> I looked at docs/architecture.txt and it tells me that the section on
> leases is out of date.  I'd like to understand more about how leasing is
> done on the allmydata.com grid, and would like to hear what I can do to
> manage leases.  For example, I may have some data of sentimental value that
> I'd like to store permanently (or as long as I'm a customer), but on the
> other hand I'd like to allow my scheduled backups to be available for
> garbage collection after a specific date (say, six months after I do that
> backup).  How do I do stuff like that -- or can I?
> Is there documentation somewhere on the 'tahoe backup' command?  I'd like
> to know more about its behavior and any command line switches it supports.
> Lastly, I'll volunteer to be an OpenBSD buildslave, but I'll need someone
> to send me instructions on how to do it.  I hope it's completely scripted
> and boils down to just setting up a cron job.  :)
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