[tahoe-dev] interesting security+distributed network research: Adeona, Vanish

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn zooko at zooko.com
Fri Oct 9 03:56:45 UTC 2009

Dear tahoe-dev folks:

Check out these research papers:

Roxana Geambasu, Jarret Falkner, Paul Gardner, Tadayoshi Kohno,  
Arvind Krishnamurthy, and Henry M. Levy: "Experiences Building  
Security Applications on DHTs"

Scott Wolchok, Owen S. Hofmann, Nadia Heninger, Edward W. Felten, J.  
Alex Halderman, Christopher J. Rossbach, Brent Waters, and Emmett  
Witchel: "Defeating Vanish with Low-Cost Sybil Attacks Against Large  

It is interesting to see how these security researchers are trying to  
adapt distributed networks such as Vuze (Azureus) and OpenDHT to  
provide novel security properties, and it is very interesting to see  
how the schemes fail.

I wonder if the kind of security properties that they want could be  
layered on top of Tahoe-LAFS or provided as a built-in feature of a  
future version of Tahoe-LAFS.  As far as I can see right now, the  
answer is "not quite".



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