[tahoe-dev] "servers of happiness" Re: MapReduce over Tahoe-LAFS slides from HadoopWorld

Kevan Carstensen kevan at isnotajoke.com
Wed Oct 14 04:37:58 UTC 2009

On 10/13/09 8:25 PM Kevan Carstensen <kevan at isnotajoke.com> wrote:
>  2. There is an injective function between servers in T and shares of
>     f.

This should probably be "We can construct an injection between servers
in T and shares of f" -- otherwise, this statement might imply that
exactly one share of each file is stored on a given server, which is not
always the case.

(the injection, if that is unclear, is between servers and shares stored
on those servers)

Kevan Carstensen | <kevan at isnotajoke.com>

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