[tahoe-dev] Python beginner trying to build for development testing

Vanderlinden, Chris Chris.Vanderlinden at ICTGROUP.COM
Mon Oct 19 20:09:50 UTC 2009

Hey everyone.

Love the application and the fact that it's based on python as well
(have been working with django a bit to get my python hands wet again).

Anyway, let me describe my environment and goals:

As a call center admin, I have quite a large amount of training and
production PCs that tahoe could be installed on for file repositories,
backups, etc.

The "problem" is that they are all windows boxes, and I am somewhat new
to the whole setup of tahoe in python.

I have a few questions that I couldn't find an answer to reading the
website documents:
(windows XP platform)

1) Application is developed in Python, so assuming I can build it on a
development box (tahoe source + all needed dependencies for python) it
should build fine and run fine?

2) assuming the first assumption above is correct, that would mean it
would run on any XP box that had python + dependencies installed?

3) py2exe possible for this once I can get it to build on a windows box?

4) Maybe this should have been the first question, but what is the
difference between the windows client and building the client from
source on a windows box?

Anyone out there have a complete list of all the dependencies needed in
python to get this to compile? I gave it a go last week in a VM, but it
kept tossing errors for me.
(or any tips on solving these dependency of a dependency errors?)

Thanks a lot,


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