[tahoe-dev] Must be overlooking something: unable to find vcvarsall.bat

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn zooko at zooko.com
Wed Oct 21 17:56:27 UTC 2009

vcvarsall.bat is a file that comes with a Microsoft compiler.  Since  
you're using mingw you don't have it.  The fact that it is looking  
for it suggests that Python thinks it is supposed to use the  
Microsoft compiler.  Did you see the part of http://allmydata.org/ 
trac/tahoe/wiki/InstallDetails which describes how to create a  
distutils config file?

Oh, also "python setup.py build_tahoe" is an obsolete command name.   
The docs on InstallDetails should be updated to call that command  
"python setup.py build".  Also they should explain that "can't find  
vcvarsall.bat" means that you need a compiler.  Also they should be  
improved in lots of other ways that you probably already have in  
mind.  :-)



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