[tahoe-dev] mkdir-with-children API change

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Thu Oct 22 15:42:01 UTC 2009

Oh, before anyone starts to use that t=mkdir plus children= API I added
a few days ago.. be aware that I'm going to change the name in the next
few days. While discussing it with Zandr last night, we realized that
it'd be safer to give it a new name, rather than to add a new argument
to the old name. The problem is that an old client node will ignore the
children= field, and the webapi user of that node won't have an easy way
to find out whether this node is the type that recognizes the new field
or not (short of trying it and then listing the newly-created directory
to see whether it's empty or if it has the requested children).

So instead, I think this will be done with POST
/uri?t=mkdir-with-children , an entirely separate verb. t=mkdir will
continue to ignore the request body and create empty directories. And
when DIR2:CHK is ready, the verb will be t=mkdir-immutable-with-children
or so (instead of t=mkdir&immutable=true, which would suffer from the
same problem).

I think we have one other place where this was an issue, when you upload
a new file and can add mutable=true to get a mutable file instead of an
immutable one, but I think that this functionality has been around long
enough that there's not a serious concern about whether the node will
pay attention to the argument or not, plus it's trivial to check the
response to see that it's SSK: instead of CHK: or LIT: . So I don't
think I'll be changing that one, even if the result is a slightly
non-uniform API.


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