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Wed Oct 28 04:36:19 UTC 2009

#821: A script in a file viewed through the WUI can obtain the file's read cap
 Reporter:  davidsarah         |           Owner:           
     Type:  defect             |          Status:  new      
 Priority:  major              |       Milestone:  undecided
Component:  code-frontend-web  |         Version:  1.5.0    
 Keywords:  newcaps security   |   Launchpad_bug:           

Comment(by davidsarah):

 I believe this issue also applies to other scriptable file formats such as
 PDF and Flash.

 Possible solution:

 If the NewCapDesign implements versioned read caps (i.e. read caps that
 only give access to a specific version of a mutable file), then that would
 allow versioned read URLs to be used by default by the WUI.

 That would also have the side effect that cutting-and-pasting an URL from
 the address bar would only give access to a single file version by default
 (and the versioned URLs could also provide collision resistance). I'm not
 sure whether that is what users would expect, but it is a safer default.

 I think this would have to work by having the gateway perform an HTTP
 redirect from the unversioned read URL to the versioned one (probably
 conditional on a parameter in the URL). The parent directory listing
 cannot directly link to the versioned URLs because that would require
 reading every file in the listing, which would be too inefficient.

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