[tahoe-dev] buildbot report

Zooko O'Whielacronx zookog at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 20:27:23 UTC 2009

I accidentally sent this before it was complete.  Here is the complete version.

Welcome into the category of Supported Platforms:
 * Debian Lenny armv5tel (François)
 * NetBSD4 i386 (MidnightMagic)
 * Ubuntu Karmic (me)
 * Lenny-amd64 by Soultcer (in addition to the current one by Eugen)

Farewell (at least for now) to platforms being removed from Supported:
 * Debian etch (slave off-line)
 * cygwin (slave off-line)
 * Ubuntu Hardy i686 (slave off-line); note we still have Hardy amd64 by Zandr
 * Mac OS 10.5 (slave off-line); note we
 * Jaunty (I upgraded to Karmic)
 * ArchLinux (slave died)

If someone wants to volunteer a Mac buildslave that would be
appreciated!  Also any platform which you love and which is not
currently in the Supported Platforms list.

Other changes to the buildbot config:

 * Make it possible to build a branch by specifying the branch name on
the "Force Build" form.  (This is going to be useful!)
 * Upgrade to current version of buildbot.
 * None of our buildslaves require darcs-version-1-format repositories anymore
 * Fix the pycryptopp buildslave so that it doesn't upload pycryptopp
packages if the tests failed.
 * Run valgrind on pycryptopp on Linux.
 * Display g++ and as versions on pycryptopp builds.

Outstanding problems:

The code coverage, memory usage, and speed test builders are red.  The
code coverage breakage is due to issue #810.  The memory usage and
speed test breakages are, I think, due to those tests running against
a grid which is full or which has become unavailable to them or

There are three buildslaves which are connected but languish in the
Unsupported category.  BlackDew's debian-unstable-i386 lives up to the
name "unstable" by occasionally getting signal 11.  Likewise with
Shawn's jaunty-amd64.  I assume this is a problem on those machines
and not a bug in Tahoe-LAFS.  The third Unsupported buildslave is
Ruben's Fedora, which appears to be stable but which has a problem
with setuptools and/or pyutil.  Hopefully this problem will be fixed
soon and Ruben's Fedora buildslave can Level Up.  :-)

See the Buildbot Page for more information:


Thanks to everyone for their contributions!



http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe/ticket/810#where did
figleaf_htmlizer.py come from?

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