[tahoe-dev] barriers to using tahoe

Nathan Eisenberg nathan at atlasnetworks.us
Mon Feb 1 19:25:21 UTC 2010

Generally, UI work requires use-study, design work, analysis, and careful, structured implementation.  There is apparently $400 on the table for anyone who wants to work through that whole process.  Simply identifying 'optimal user experience' (where optimal really just means 'your average joe won't give up on it after 2 minutes') is probably weeks of work, or more, to do correctly.  Even then, you'll never please everyone, but that's life.

Step one, IMHO, is to identify what specifically, for joe-user, is weak (read: not intuitive/user friendly).  The end goal, at least for me, would be to see a UI/presentation layer that wraps the WAPI functions into something very friendly (read: my little sister could use it).

Is there an existing issue open, or a location we could use, to outline various UI related pain-points, in a way that would be useful to the developers?

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> > Define the user optimal user experience ...
> i think that phrase is fraught with peril.
> there is no optimal user experience in some sense; there are too many
> different needs to balance to define anything. in my mind, good
> usability is all about making trade-offs over time across all possible
> use cases. the best you can write down is something like "the user can
> successfully accomplish tasks, and the user reports they are happy
> with the experience." if you try to get more detailed than that (with
> more than like 1 single user) you are going to quickly get into
> conflicting interests, abilities, goals, etc. which all have to be
> balanced.
> in other words: if there is not an experienced user experience person
> working on the project, then the chances of getting something as
> complicated as this to be an "optimal user experience" is nil. hire
> somebody :-)
> sincerely.
> no i'm not a ux person by trade, only by end-user-suffering
> perspective.
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