[tahoe-dev] barriers to using tahoe

Jody Harris imhavoc at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 19:37:07 UTC 2010

Wow, what a can of worms.

Good comments, though, all the way around.

I've found that most users are only comfortable with metaphors they already
know and are comfortable with. (Which in itself makes for moving targets.)

I'm quite comfortable with arcane and cryptic commands, so I adapted to
tahoe quite readily. I am not a good user to get feedback from. My cohorts,
however, seem to be good testers for UI.

I advocate investing in FUSE or a FUSE-like layer that will allow users to
interact with their tahoe stores through the windowed file manager they are
already accustomed to.

Apparently, making the FUSE layer for Tahoe is harder than one would guess.

 - Create a default alias for tahoe to use (users would expect this from a
new volume).
 - Point the FUSE layer at that default alias.
 - Bury the ability to use multiple, independent aliases below the FUSE
 - Allow for the use of multiple aliases etc either at another level
(editing config files), or figure it out later and add in a future version.
 - Users really dislike what they do not already understand. "Intuitive" is
a highly overused and vague term. Settle for what users are already
accustomed to, you can call it "intuitive" if you want to.

- Think carefully.
- Contra mundum - "Against the world" (St. Athanasius)
- Credo ut intelliga - "I believe that I may know" (St. Augustin of Hippo)

On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 12:05 PM, EdPimentl <edpimentl at gmail.com> wrote:

> Understand and accept your position.
> Personally, my interest is in enhancing Tahoe, I have no ulterior motives
> and not here to debate what "optimal" means.
> What ever the list accepts as the improved user experience, I am prepare to
> sponsor via a bounty.
> Just want to contribute to the project..
> -E
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