[tahoe-dev] help needed: someone with Windows, a compiler, Python 2.6

David-Sarah Hopwood david-sarah at jacaranda.org
Tue Feb 2 20:18:07 UTC 2010

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn wrote:
> Folks, looking at this matrix:
> http://allmydata.org/source/tahoe/deps/tahoe-dep-eggs/README.html
> It appears to me that the install.html process (http://allmydata.org/ 
> source/tahoe/trunk/docs/install.html ) will work for Windows users if  
> they have Python 2.5, because they can get pyOpenSSL, zfec, and  
> pycryptopp from this collection, but not if they have Python 2.6,  
> because there is no binary egg for Python 2.6 for Windows of pycryptopp.
> If someone out there has the ability to get the source code of  
> pycryptopp (darcs get --lazy http://allmydata.org/source/pycryptopp/ 
> trunk/ ) and run "python setup.py bdist_egg" and upload the  
> resulting .egg file to a tahoe-lafs grid and send me the link I would  
> appreciate it!

I can do that. Which compiler -- cygwin gcc, MinGW gcc, or MSVC++ 2003?

Easiest for me is cygwin gcc with -mno-cygwin, i.e. the result shouldn't
be dependent on cygwin.dll. (It is however dependent on msvcr90.dll, which
might not be installed on all Windows systems, but is downloadable from

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