[tahoe-dev] barriers to using tahoe

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn zooko at zooko.com
Fri Feb 5 02:42:36 UTC 2010

On Monday, 2010-02-01, at 11:53 , Raoul Duke wrote:
<snip on some wise words>
> in other words: if there is not an experienced user experience  
> person working on the project, then the chances of getting  
> something as complicated as this to be an "optimal user experience"  
> is nil. hire somebody :-)

We are an all-volunteer organization of hackers in the public  
interest. There is no budget for hiring people. But we do have  
volunteers! Some of the volunteers perhaps have experience with user  
experience design.

What you wrote about it being difficult to make trade-offs across use  
cases seems wise. My strategy is iterative: deploy something to users  
and then try to learn from them to feedback into the next iteration.

Another part of my strategy is to listen carefully to other people's  
ideas, but not to let what they say stand in the way of the first  
part of the strategy. ;-)



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