[tahoe-dev] tahoe backup questions

David-Sarah Hopwood david-sarah at jacaranda.org
Fri Feb 12 05:38:02 UTC 2010

Jody Harris wrote:
> I started a backup with 1.6 (+some sftp patches from DavidSarah).
> I interrupted the backup so that I could use my computer. I have an at qued
> to run it tonight.
> 1) Is there a tahoe restore, or is it just a matter of copying the files
> back to the local machine for restoring?
> 2) After running backup for several hours, it looks like ~50 files were
> copied to the grid. When I list the backup directory, the only item shown is
> a directory named "Archive." no other files are listed. Where are my files?

They have been uploaded, but because the backup didn't complete, they are
not linked from the backup directory. This is because immutable directory
trees must be constructed bottom-up (starting with the leaves and
progressing to the root). When you resume the backup, the convergent
encryption will ensure that only a small amount of work needs to be done
for files that have already been uploaded.

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