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#935: zandr's FUSE/NAS idea
 Reporter:  warner                                   |           Owner:            
     Type:  enhancement                              |          Status:  new       
 Priority:  major                                    |       Milestone:  eventually
Component:  code-frontend                            |         Version:  1.5.0     
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Comment(by zandr):

 Ah, didn't notice that warner had opened a ticket on this, I'll add some

 In the use case I was imagining, locally durable is all that matters.
 While there may be multiple readers/writers on the local network, this is
 a grid-backed NAS application, not a global sharing application. I know
 that Tahoe gives us the latter for free (though with some caveats), the
 point is I'm quite happy to make the experience from other gateways
 suboptimal for this application.

 Further, I wasn't imagining that we would stop spending local storage on
 the file, but rather that we would replace the plaintext copy with k
 shares when a file had 'cooled'.

 Thus, a file is cached (available on a local NAS as plaintext) while it's
 hot, available from local ciphertext when cool, and recoverable from the
 grid in the event of a device failure. I know this is dependent on a bunch
 of other tickets I don't have at my fingertips.

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