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#947: Add file-with-metadata caps
 Reporter:  kpreid            |           Owner:  nobody   
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 Keywords:  inodes, metadata  |   Launchpad_bug:           
 Web architecture expects that a resource has a Content-Type. Modern
 filesystems have "extended attributes" per file as well as metadata such
 as modification time, and it is desirable to back these things up. Both of
 these things point to the idea that there ought to be addressable
 (has-a-URL) objects which designate the metadata as well as the file data
 (binary blob). My understanding of current Tahoe architecture is that all
 metadata is instead stored in the rows of the directory objects.

 Additionally, metadata should be mutable iff the file is, so that it can
 be updated in-place without access to every directory which might contain

 I imagine that these objects would ''contain'' a current-design file cap,
 rather than themselves containing the file data, so that we still get the
 convergent encryption space advantage even if file metadata differs among
 separately-created instances.

 This idea raised at friam 2010-02-12.

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