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Hey Tahoe Devs,
                  I'm interested in a commercial installation. I'm
interested in talking with you guys offline if possible.  If not, let me
know how you would like to talk.


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> #947: Add file-with-metadata caps
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>  Reporter:  kpreid            |           Owner:  nobody
>     Type:  enhancement       |          Status:  new
>  Priority:  major             |       Milestone:  undecided
> Component:  unknown           |         Version:  unknown
>  Keywords:  inodes, metadata  |   Launchpad_bug:
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>  Web architecture expects that a resource has a Content-Type. Modern
>  filesystems have "extended attributes" per file as well as metadata such
>  as modification time, and it is desirable to back these things up. Both of
>  these things point to the idea that there ought to be addressable
>  (has-a-URL) objects which designate the metadata as well as the file data
>  (binary blob). My understanding of current Tahoe architecture is that all
>  metadata is instead stored in the rows of the directory objects.
>  Additionally, metadata should be mutable iff the file is, so that it can
>  be updated in-place without access to every directory which might contain
>  it.
>  I imagine that these objects would ''contain'' a current-design file cap,
>  rather than themselves containing the file data, so that we still get the
>  convergent encryption space advantage even if file metadata differs among
>  separately-created instances.
>  This idea raised at friam 2010-02-12.
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