[tahoe-dev] Tonido P2P

Aleksandr Milewski zandr at mozilla.com
Sun Feb 14 19:50:19 UTC 2010

On 2/13/10 8:50 PM, Monty Zukowski wrote:
> I just searched the tahoe-dev archives and found no mention of the
> Tonido "Personal P2P Platform", it seems like Tahoe would be a natural
> fit for the Tonido Plug http://www.tonidoplug.com/ and their Tonido
> development environment.  I haven't looked deeply at it, just wanted
> to give you all a pointer to it.

I'll look at the Tonido software platform, but if the form factor is 
what's appealing, check out the PogoPlug. I got a tahoe node built, 
installed, and contributing storage to the testgrid in about an hour 
after opening the box.


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