[tahoe-dev] governance note: David-Sarah Hopwood now has write authority to trunk

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn zooko at zooko.com
Mon Feb 15 03:14:33 UTC 2010


The Tahoe-LAFS development process is basically:

1. open a ticket
2. write docs and unit tests and code and attach them to the ticket
3. someone who didn't do step 2 reviews your docs, unit tests and  
code for correctness, good design, and thorough test coverage
4. Zooko or Brian commit your patch to trunk and close the ticket

Step 4 is a bit of a bottleneck because Zooko and Brian are often  
busy. And this bottleneck is not necessary for quality control --  
once a ticket has passed review then it really shouldn't languish  
waiting for step 4. Brian or I might glance at it, especially if the  
reviewer from step 3 was relatively inexperienced, but basically it  
is cleared to go into trunk by step 3.

David-Sarah Hopwood has been very active in Tahoe-LAFS development  
during the the v1.6 cycle, in writing code, tests, and docs as well  
as in "issue ticket gardening" -- tagging tickets, writing clarifying  
notes on tickets, linking related tickets together etc.. I have the  
highest opinion of David-Sarah's intelligence, knowledge, engineering  
acumen and attention to detail, so I'm pleased to announce that I  
just added them to the set of people, along with Brian and me, who  
can apply patches to trunk. This should open up the bottleneck of  
step 4.

Looking at the Ticket Review page http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe- 
lafs/wiki/PatchReviewProcess , the current bottleneck isn't step 4  
anyway, but step 3! Please review tickets! :-)



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