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#573: Allow client to control which storage servers receive shares
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Comment(by joe):

 I had an idea that is related to this problem, which may or may not be
 useful, but I'll throw it out there in case it may be.

 My application for this is a situation like the Volunteer Grid, where I
 would run a storage node X, but if I put files on the grid, I would prefer
 to put them somewhere other than X, since my files already share fate
 (network connectivity, physical location, power, spindles, etc.) with
 shares located on X.

 In this scenario, X would have some publically-advertised attribute Y
 composed of an arbitrary string. (I don't have a good name for this yet.)
 A client Z could specify a similar string; the semantics of doing so would
 be that Z would avoid placing shares on storage nodes advertising the same
 string. One could also imagine more complicated things like using some
 calculation of distance between strings as a weight for influencing

 The advantage of this scheme is that it is fairly simple, at least to
 explain, and that, as far as I can see, the worst that someone interested
 in interfering with it could do would be to advertise the same string you
 are using, which would cause you not to use that someone's storage node.
 It doesn't generally solve the problem of controlling where shares are
 located, however.

 This is sort of a slightly more generalized version of having a storage
 node blacklist; one can set multiple nodes to advertise the same string,
 and clients will do the right thing without reconfiguration.

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