[tahoe-dev] wanted: a permanent copy of everything I've ever looked at through my web browser

Zooko O'Whielacronx zookog at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 02:10:48 UTC 2010


I want to be able to recall, and to search through, everything that
I've ever looked at through my web browser.

Obviously I would want to store the data in Tahoe-LAFS so that it
would survive the inevitable loss of my laptop's hard drive, so that I
could access it from other devices, and so that I could easily share
some (but not all) of the resulting content.

But, how do I hook up the Tahoe-LAFS storage grid to my web browser?


1. Storage of everything that I ever look at in non-lossy form so that
it can be understood by future versions of this tool (ser below) and
other tools and my future self when I ascend into a cyborg

(Goal #1 should be implemented and deployed before the rest of them so
that I stop forgetting things.)

2. Browseable in chronological form -- what files I looked at when.

3. Browseable in hyperlinked form -- when I was looking at this file
and clicked on this link in it then I saw that file.

4. Searchable.


Oh, also we need a really cool name for this project. :-)



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