[tahoe-dev] Deleting a file on Tahoe

Janus Dam Nielsen janus.nielsen at alexandra.dk
Fri Feb 19 10:57:38 UTC 2010


I am new to Tahoe, and I have been playing around with a local grid I have set up. All works fine.

However I have uploaded a 5Gb file using the WUI to my local grid. Now I would like to remove that file again.

I understand that using the CLI rm command does not remove the shares on the storage nodes, but merely unlinks the capability. And as far as I understand I have to run the GC to delete the shares. But the GC will not remove the shares until the leases on the shares expires?

Is there a tool for deleting files, if not it would be nice to have such a tool at least for testing purpose.

I tried to unlink the file using rm, but I get the following error:
tahoe rm -d tahoe-storage URI:CHK:tzlddfwsahlp7z5cbsrfdwmfby:3nqxm2owlqhausgoahvl6aat6eye3uttfrapnux3si3fvvokz4kq:3:10:5376135168
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/fagidiot/Downloads/allmydata-tahoe-1.6.0/support/bin/tahoe", line 8, in <module>
    load_entry_point('allmydata-tahoe==1.6.0', 'console_scripts', 'tahoe')()
  File "/Users/fagidiot/Downloads/allmydata-tahoe-1.6.0/src/allmydata/scripts/runner.py", line 102, in run
    rc = runner(sys.argv[1:])
  File "/Users/fagidiot/Downloads/allmydata-tahoe-1.6.0/src/allmydata/scripts/runner.py", line 89, in runner
    rc = cli.dispatch[command](so)
  File "/Users/fagidiot/Downloads/allmydata-tahoe-1.6.0/src/allmydata/scripts/cli.py", line 458, in rm
    rc = tahoe_rm.rm(options)
  File "/Users/fagidiot/Downloads/allmydata-tahoe-1.6.0/src/allmydata/scripts/tahoe_rm.py", line 19, in rm
    assert path

I am able to ls the file:
tahoe ls -d tahoe-storage URI:CHK:tzlddfwsahlp7z5cbsrfdwmfby:3nqxm2owlqhausgoahvl6aat6eye3uttfrapnux3si3fvvokz4kq:3:10:5376135168



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