[tahoe-dev] Administration / System Tuning etc.

Justin Stottlemyer justin.h.stottlemyer at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 04:59:56 UTC 2010

I got to meet Peter yesterday.  Good guy, you all have done a great job with
Tahoe so far.

On to my questions.

Can someone give me a break down of what happens when a file enters the
system?  I have a guess based on system activity, but I'd like to know the
real answer.

http://diagrammr.com is a great online tool for this sort of thing if you
don't already have a block style diagram and you are so inclined, or are
just looking for a new tool.

I'm more of a scripter, architect, prototyper, operational expert than hard
core coder.  So I'm not sure if there is a more appropriate forum for these
questions, or if anyone here hangs on IRC for interactive conversations.

Is there a good way to calculate Memory consumed (or needed per system) by #
of Nodes and Node Size?

What is the most performant way to implement a local grid?

I've built a 45 Disk System with 4G of memory and a Dual Core 3.3Ghz
chip.    I was running on the default config of 3,7,10.   I assume that
reducing the number of copies will reduce load.  It's running Karmic Koala
9.10 Server.

 apt-get grabbed 1.5 for me. When will 1.6 be making it's way to the

The reason for these questions is that today while testing against this box
with a large ~200MB file, I/O was relatively low, CPU was spiked to 100% and
the system was utilizing a lot more Swap (any) than I would like even for
small files 3.6MB.

I'm sure a few more questions will crop up as you guys reply.

-- Justin
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