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#964: List sizes for storage using base-2 sizes, not base-10
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Changes (by davidsarah):

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 We're with USSJoin on this. Resist the hard disk manufacturers'

 Replying to [comment:4 zooko]:
 > We generally prefer base-10 arithmetic, because it is easier for users
 to use. For example, if you ask my mom how many 20-byte things she can
 store in a 2-terabyte bucket, she'll probably ask "What's a terabyte?",
 and if you tell her it is a trillion bytes, she'll say "Then I can store
 100 billion of them."

 This is not a convincing argument, since you're more likely to need to
 know how many 1 MiB files, say, can be stored in a terabyte. (BTW, your
 mom's estimate would be wildly wrong for 20-byte files due to overhead.)

 What mattered was that there was a consistent convention. Since most uses
 of "GB" (for example) still mean 2^30 bytes, Tahoe is going in the wrong
 direction to reduce confusion.

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