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Thu Feb 25 02:47:28 UTC 2010

#971: "Humanized failures" should still have a traceback, hidden by default
 Reporter:  davidsarah         |           Owner:       
     Type:  enhancement        |          Status:  new  
 Priority:  major              |       Milestone:  1.7.0
Component:  code-frontend-web  |         Version:  1.6.0
 Keywords:  error              |   Launchpad_bug:       
 Currently, failures that occur in a WUI operation (that is, a webapi
 operation with HTML output) go through
 [source:src/allmydata/test/common.py#L149 humanize_failure] in
 {{{test/common.py}}}, in order to produce a more informative error
 message. This is better in most cases than dumping an exception traceback,
 but sometimes you really do ''also'' want the traceback for debugging.

 DHTML could be used to hide the traceback by default, like this:
 <!doctype html>
     <script type="text/javascript">
       function toggleDebug() {
         var el = document.getElementById('debug');
         show = el.style.display === 'none';
         el.style.display = show ? '' : 'none';
         document.getElementById('toggle').innerHTML =
           show ? 'Hide debugging information' : 'Show debugging
       window.onload = toggleDebug;
   <a id="toggle" onclick="toggleDebug();"
      style="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 1px dashed #000000"></a>
   <div id="debug"><p>Traceback</p></div>

 A traceback can be obtained from a {{{twisted.python.failure.Failure}}}
 object using:
   from StringIO import StringIO
   sfile = StringIO()
   f.printTraceback(sfile)  # or printDetailedTraceback
   ... sfile.getvalue() ...

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