[tahoe-dev] URL usability

David-Sarah Hopwood david-sarah at jacaranda.org
Thu Jan 7 20:26:43 UTC 2010

Zooko O'Whielacronx wrote:
> David-Sarah:
> Thank you for the usability report!  How about this one, which is just
> like the last one, but I sent it from gmail instead of from Mail.app:
> http://testgrid.allmydata.org:3567/uri/URI:DIR2-RO:j74uhg25nwdpjpacl6rkat2yhm:kav7ijeft5h7r7rxdp5bgtlt3viv32yabqajkrdykozia5544jqa/wiki.html

This one didn't get wrapped, and is directly clickable.

(My mail client is Thunderbird, and the browser I was using was Chrome 4.)

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