[tahoe-dev] Problem with Xen Server

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn zooko at zooko.com
Tue Jan 12 20:00:37 UTC 2010

On Tuesday, 2010-01-12, at 10:48 , Wassim Drira wrote:

> We use Xen Server to host multiple storage servers. We copied the  
> client multiple times to use it. The problem that many clients are  
> seen as a unique by the introducer. After few investigation, I  
> remark that multiple clients have the same "peerid" (I choose  
> different "nickname" for each client).
> Did you have an idea how to make the PeerID different?

The peerid is generated by the "tahoe create-client" command (which  
is, confusingly, also the command to create a server).  The nodeid is  
stored in "private/storage.furl" and in "my_nodeid".  See docs/ 
configuration.txt for details about those files: http://allmydata.org/ 
trac/tahoe/browser/docs/configuration.txt .

So the easiest solution is that if you want to create a second  
client, run the "tahoe create-client" command a second time and it  
will generate a new nodeid.  Don't copy an existing .tahoe directory  
as a way to create a second client.



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