[tahoe-dev] multi-user tahoe node suggestions

Kyle Markley kyle at arbyte.us
Wed Jan 13 08:11:52 UTC 2010

What are the recommended methods for setting up a tahoe node to be used by
multiple users on a host, without using root?

In my circumstance it's okay for a normal user (i.e., me) to run the tahoe
node with a crontab entry "@reboot tahoe start".  How then do I best enable
other users on the same machine to use the same tahoe node?  (Is that even
what I really want?)  In this case I do want to enable convergence. 
Alternately, what are the (dis)advantages of creating a dedicated user
account to run the tahoe node?

In my experimentation with this I've run into an error that might simply
be caused by a misconfiguration on my part.  I'm seeing a tahoe backup
operation (from a different user than the one running tahoe start, if that
matters) die with a web-looking error -- it emits a traceback that does a
raiseHTTPError from a mkdir in tahoe_backup.py.  The emitted web page

<p class="error"><class
'allmydata.mutable.common.UncoordinatedWriteError'>: </p></a><div
class="stackTrace"></div><a name="tracebackEnd"><p class="error"><class
'allmydata.mutable.common.UncoordinatedWriteError'>: </p>

When I look at the node's status page and pull up the "Mutable File
Publish Status" page, it appears to have placed 3 of the shares.  I can
only guess about which file the error occurs on, but it is reproducible. 
I'm running allmydata-tahoe: 1.5.0 on the production grid.

Kyle Markley

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