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#903: webapi t=mkdir: behavior when directory already exists?
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 I'm not entirely clear on what the webapi {{{POST
 /uri/$DIRCAP/[SUBDIRS../]SUBDIR?t=mkdir}}} calls should do when the given
 subdirectory already exists. The docs state that for the regular t=mkdir
 case (i.e. creating an empty mutable directory), "If the named target
 directory already exists, this will make no changes to it". I believe this
 is fine.

 But for the other cases (t=mkdir-with-children, t=mkdir-immutable), the
 situation gets more interesting. We need to signal whether the new
 directory was created (and thus has the new contents provided by these
 calls), or if it already existed (and therefore still has some old
 contents). There should also be a clear way for the caller to indicate
 whether they want to get an error when the directory already exists, or if
 this "return anyways" behavior is ok.

 In other calls, we have a "replace=" parameter which is related to this.
 There was some incomplete code for replace= in mkdir-immutable, and some
 slightly more complete code in mkdir-with-children, but I don't think the
 semantics are well defined yet.

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