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#830: review Brian's patches for #607
 Reporter:  zooko          |           Owner:  zooko   
     Type:  defect         |          Status:  assigned
 Priority:  critical       |       Milestone:  1.6.0   
Component:  code-dirnodes  |         Version:  1.5.0   
 Keywords:  review-needed  |   Launchpad_bug:          

Comment(by warner):

 Yeah, you're right. I've pushed [4168] to implement your suggestion.

 And yes, there's no test_nodemaker, but all of nodemaker.py was extracted
 from client.py, and during the development process I iterated to attain
 full line-coverage on nodemaker.py . So I wasn't too worried about it.
 Plus I couldn't think of a good way to test it in isolation.

 A lot of [4045] was changing everything *else* to stop needing a Client,
 and instead using a Nodemaker or some other set of objects. And those
 changes should be covered by the existing tests for all of those "elses".
 Plus changing a lot of tests themselves to be smaller and not use a full
 Client when possible.

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