[tahoe-dev] RSA slides: submitted

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Sat Jan 16 00:26:21 UTC 2010

I just submitted the slides. I expect that the reviewers will come back
with some issues, and that we'll improve some things in the meantime.
I've attached the submitted version (PDF, not ppt) here.

I wasn't able to find a clean way to remove "storage index".. the
progression of pseudocode examples was just too hard without it. I also
wasn't able to draw up the pictures that I wanted of our mutable and
immutable file formats, although they'd probably have added complexity
to an already-dense talk.

>From the top-level, I think it basically supports the goals of our talk,
as described in the abstract:

   Cloud storage offers cost-savings, scalability, and convenience. If
   you store your data in the cloud you have to rely on your cloud
   storage provider for the availability of your data. But do you also
   have to rely on them for its confidentiality and integrity? No, you
   do not. Tahoe-LAFS is an open source storage platform that
   transparently encrypts and integrity-checks all data. The user gains
   "provider-independent security" without sacrificing cost-savings,
   scalability, or convenience.

On the other hand, the flow of ideas starts to wobble around page 22,
when we get into what happens as you upload a file with "tahoe put", and
then goes into mutable files and directories without a lot of guidance
or roadmap. And then any semblance of structure drops away at the end,
around the slide on POLA and what tahoe does to provide it.

Basically, the first half of the talk seems to be about general issues
with security in cloud storage (and how you should build something
better), and then there's kind of an abrupt transition to a different
talk with a too-technical-yet-not-detailed-enough description of the
insides of Tahoe.

But, between edits that we can still make, feedback from reviewers, the
demo, and lots of practice with the speaking parts, I think it should
provide a good overview and accomplish our goals.

feedback welcome!

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