[tahoe-dev] RSA slides: first draft

Peter Secor secorp at allmydata.com
Sat Jan 16 04:46:02 UTC 2010

Very nice overall, my comments below.
  * Slide 29, second bullet "Users can _share_ some, but not all"
  * Slide 30, capitalization on bullets is inconsistent
  * Slide 32, would emphasize Automated GC because we have manual GC already

More to come ...


On 1/15/10 4:06 AM, Brian Warner wrote:
> Ok, here's my banged-out-at-4am first cut at the RSA presentation. It's
> nominally due tomorrow (like, probably in about 12 hours), but my
> understanding is that it's OK and common to revise things up until a few
> weeks before the conference. So I'm assuming that this won't be cast in
> stone just yet. I expect the RSA reviewers to give us a lot of feedback
> on this draft, which will also guide our revisions.
> Please take a quick look and tell me what you think. I know parts are
> incomplete, and it could really use some more detail on e.g. our current
> mutable and immutable encoding diagrams. And the section on directories
> is rushed. And I'd really like to have a full slide on semi-private DSA
> keys because this could be a good chance to get some serious
> cryptographers interested.
> There are notes for our talking script at the bottom of many pages.
> Also, the page numbers are messed up.. I'll figure that out tomorrow.
> ok, now I'm off to get a few hours of sleep before picking up the work
> again in the morning.
> cheers,
>   -Brian
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