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#913: Support running a storage node per drive easily
 Reporter:  davidsarah   |           Owner:  nobody   
     Type:  enhancement  |          Status:  new      
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Component:  unknown      |         Version:  1.5.0    
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Comment(by imhavoc):

 I think this may be a possible design flaw. Not in the sense that Tahoe
 was originally designed for, but in the sense of how Tahoe is going to be
 used in the real world.

 Production grids will fill up. New drives/servers will be added. The new
 drives in each generation will be larger than the previous generations.
 This may potentially cause the grid to have a cascading performance
 decrease. The other usage is for heterogeneous grids like those that have
 been discussed lately (including my own).

 I have had some thoughts on this, but they are just thoughts.
  - Give a node the ability to flag itself "full," "read only," "storage
 not available," or some other flag. This will keep the grid from trying to
 store shares on full volumes and eliminate that performance penalty. (Let
 the requesting node know you're full before it asks to store shares on
  - Have nodes report available storage. The storage algorithms could sort
 the nodes before polling for share storage by only looking at nodes that
 last reported >X bytes available to grid. (Each node would keep a table of
 available storage on each attached peer.)
  - With "servers of happiness" in place rather than "shares of happiness,"
 a flag could be raised to indicate problems.
  - A daemon could be run to email grid administrators grid status updates
 related to grid balance/imbalance/alarms.

 By hoping for a homogeneous grid, Tahoe is limited to expansive,
 relatively sterile use cases.

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