[tahoe-dev] Tahoe-LAFS v1.6 is still coming soon

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn zooko at zooko.com
Wed Jan 20 07:00:22 UTC 2010


Thanks to the generous contributions of our team of volunteers, we're  
making progress on several important features.  You can follow along  
on the trac timeline -- http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe/timeline --  
and roadmap -- http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe/roadmap .  Also, we  
need help!  Manual testing, documentation editing, packaging for your  
favorite operating system (especially if your favorite operating  
system is Windows), and code-review are all much needed.

Our earlier plan to finalize Tahoe-LAFS v1.6 last weekend completely  
failed, as issues #778 and #833 proved to be a lot more work to solve  
than I imagined.  The solutions that we are now implementing seem to  
have excellent properties of robustness, security and forward- 
compatibility, so I'm not too worried about the delay.  Kevan  
Carstensen is working on #778 with me primarily reviewing his code  
(although other reviewers are more than welcome to also review it --  
#778 is a tricky problem).  David-Sarah Hopwood is working on #833  
with Brian Warner planning, I believe, to be the primary reviewed of  
his code (although again it would help to have more reviewers for  
added assurance).

Also there are several patches from François Deppierraz and David- 
Sarah waiting to be reviewed by someone else: http://allmydata.org/ 

This coming weekend I'm going to be spending a lot of time with my  
two boys, having sent my wife off on a visit to another city.  I  
predict that Kevan, Brian, David-Sarah, François, and other  
volunteers will get a lot of good hacking done in my absence and that  
we'll release Tahoe-LAFS v1.6 sometime next week.



http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe/ticket/778#"shares of happiness" is  
the wrong measure; "servers of happiness" is better
http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe/ticket/833#reject mutable children  
when *reading* an immutable dirnode

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