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#917: Amazon S3 compatible frontend
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 Priority:  minor               |       Milestone:  eventually
Component:  code-frontend       |         Version:  1.5.0     
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Comment(by francois):

 Replying to [comment:3 zooko]:

 > Yes, you're right.  I'm so tired I don't know my frontend from my
 > An S3-compatible ''backend'' is interesting because of this: Redundant
 Array of Inexpensive Clouds: http://allmydata.org/~zooko/RAIC.png . :-)

 I think that ''backend'' in already adressed by #510.

 > An S3-compatible ''frontend'' is interesting because lots of people have
 tools and knowledge about how to store things with the S3 API, and they
 could more easil retarget those things to a Tahoe-LAFS grid.

 Yeah, that's the ''frontend'' I was talking about.

 Many people are investing time in building good S3 clients nowadays. And
 there's probalby some of them which have already addressed many of the
 problems we have with 'tahoe backup', the FUSE frontends, and so on.

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