[tahoe-dev] Tahoe on low-end machinery

Robert Helgesson robert at rycee.net
Fri Jan 22 00:35:31 UTC 2010


Just sending a somewhat incoherent mail about my experiences so far.
I've been playing around with Tahoe for a while and am very happy with
it!  Been running two storage nodes on my Alix 2d2 -- a neat little
box with a AMD Geode 500Mhz CPU and a whopping 256MB of RAM.  These
two nodes have been my day to day backup solution the last couple of
months and I absolutely love the solid feel of the software and the
fact that I can easily access my files wherever I might be.  Having
only 256MB to play with and quite a bit of other stuff running on the
box I'm also grateful that Tahoe doesn't gobble up a lot of memory,

As far as bandwidth is concerned I find that with a well lubricated
ethernet cable and tailwind I get up to 1MB/s over the wire.  In
comparison, scp gives about 5MB/s with hardware AES acceleration
enabled and 3MB/s without.

A while back one of the drives crashed quite severely and the storage
on that drive was completely lost.  Being able to recover everything
using the other drive was pretty awesome, I must say.  Of course, now
I'm trying to convince my friends to start some nodes :-)

Just a note, I've found that raising the value of minimum_cycle_time
in BucketCountingCrawler and LeaseCheckingCrawler give my drives more
opportunities to sleep.  Didn't find any other way of controlling this
sleep time and perhaps it would be useful to others than me?

Right now I'm trying to figure out a good way to run Unison
synchronization over Tahoe, this would be very very useful to me.
Perhaps somebody else has figured it out already?

Oh and I agree completely with Kyle Markley's message a while ago
concerning the wishlist.  Especially with the backup halting on
problems.  I admit uttering one or two profanities while slowly
creating an file suitable for --exclude-from :-)

Cheers and thanks for the fine software!


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