[tahoe-dev] [tahoe-lafs] #833: reject mutable children when *reading* an immutable dirnode

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Sat Jan 23 13:08:25 UTC 2010

#833: reject mutable children when *reading* an immutable dirnode
 Reporter:  warner                                                                  |           Owner:  davidsarah
     Type:  defect                                                                  |          Status:  assigned  
 Priority:  critical                                                                |       Milestone:  1.6.0     
Component:  code-dirnodes                                                           |         Version:  1.5.0     
 Keywords:  integrity forward-compatibility backward-compatibility confidentiality  |   Launchpad_bug:            

Comment(by davidsarah):

 The changes are larger and less elegant than I'd hoped, and I
 failed to resist the temptation to do some refactoring of
 test_web.py. The changes to test_web.py that are most relevant,
 i.e. excluding the refactoring, are in these functions:
 The last of these is a new test that directly checks the
 main problem in this ticket; you may want to look at it first.

 To review the code patches, I suggest looking at interfaces.py,
 unknown.py, uri.py, dirnode.py, and nodemaker.py first.

 There are some commented-out print statements left, which I'll
 remove before preparing the final patch.

 I couldn't figure out how to tell darcs to produce a diff that
 excludes certain directories, so all-diff.txt contains the test
 and doc diffs as well.

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