[tahoe-dev] Setting up an iPhone client (draft) (was: Re: relnotes.txt for Tahoe-LAFS v1.6)

Peter Secor secorp at allmydata.com
Thu Jan 28 19:27:09 UTC 2010

Hi all,

   I'm trying to test out an iPhone client against another grid, and 
made a mistake in my untested procedure that was previously posted (left 
quoted below for comparison).

   In the Settings of the iPhone, you need the path to the tahoe node 
that is providing the api interface to your grid. Then, the client makes 
the assumption that the script to do authentication is on the same host 
but just called "native_client.php". More to come when I get it all working.


On 1/28/10 10:28 AM, Peter Secor wrote:
> Allmydata.com offers an iPhone client for free at the app store, but
> currently it is pointed only at the production grid. Note that it is not
> a Tahoe-LAFS node, but instead is just a client which uses a webish
> interface. It can be configured to point at other grids, but you will
> have to set up a web authentication front-end. We're about to post some
> instructions on how we do that - basically ours a small php script that
> checks authentication user/pass, and then delivers a payload of the
> root_cap to anchor the directory tree. It was put together rather
> quickly, so assumptions are made about the name of the webapi node and
> probably other constraints. However, I use it frequently to play music,
> view pictures, or view files that contain information that is handy to
> have on the go.
> I haven't tested this procedure yet, but I believe if you do the
> following you can set up an iPhone client to point at any grid.
>    * download the iPhone client from the app store
>    * in the Settings, configure the client to point at your
> authentication script (Allmydata.com is
> https://allmydata.com/native_client.php)
>    * set up a web server to serve up a script that will return a root_cap
> to a POST request of arguments email, passwd, and action=authenticate
>    * set up a tahoe node to respond at the same location under a /tahoe
> path (Allmydata.com is https://allmydata.com/tahoe)
> I'll try to test this and then document it on the wiki, or if anybody
> else gets to it first that would be grand.
> Peter
> On 1/28/10 10:03 AM, Jack Lloyd wrote:
>> On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 10:24:38AM -0700, Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn wrote:
>>> frontends for Windows, Macintosh, JavaScript, and iPhone, and
>>> plugins for Hadoop, bzr, duplicity, TiddlyWiki, and more. See
>>> the Related Projects page on the wiki [3].
>> The RelatedProjects page doesn't mention the iPhone interface, unless
>> it is "Rob Kinninmont's Macintosh GUI"; the description of which makes
>> it sound like it is a front end for MacOS X.
>> Trac #669 has a mention of tahoe-iphone-client, but the link given
>> (http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe-iphone-client/browser) is empty.
>> If Tahoe does actually run on the iPhone this is very exciting to me
>> because looking at Apple's recent iPad announcement, one thing that
>> struck me as very sad was that it might be difficult or impossible to
>> get Tahoe running on it; given that the pad offers only limited
>> storage space and with no expandable storage, being able to use Tahoe
>> as a access-anywhere remote storage would be quite sexy. If Tahoe
>> already runs on the iPhone it (supposedly) would also run as-is on the
>> iPad...
>> -Jack
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