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#1074: get rid of tahoe.exe launcher
     Reporter:  zooko      |       Owner:  davidsarah                
         Type:  defect     |      Status:  assigned                  
     Priority:  major      |   Milestone:  1.7.1                     
    Component:  packaging  |     Version:  1.6.1                     
   Resolution:             |    Keywords:  windows setuptools unicode
Launchpad Bug:             |  

Comment (by davidsarah):

 Replying to [comment:3 zooko]:
 > Is this going to require users to edit their PATHEXT environment
 variables in order to run Tahoe-LAFS? Or will installing Python do that
 for them?

 Installing Python does not edit {{{PATHEXT}}}. But it's very easy to do so
 without going through the GUI:

 This takes effect for any ''new'' instances of {{{cmd.exe}}} run by the
 current user. (There is an {{{/m}}} option to set the variable for all
 users on the current machine, but it will typically fail on Vista and
 later unless you run {{{setx}}} with elevation, and I don't think we need
 to do that anyway.)

 {{{setx.exe}}} is an executable in {{{%SystemRoot%\system32}}}, it's not a
 {{{cmd.exe}}} builtin. To set {{{PATHEXT}}} for the current {{{cmd.exe}}}
 instance as well (e.g. in a batch file), also do {{{set
 "PATHEXT=%PATHEXT%;.PY"}}}, which ''is'' a builtin.

 Installing Python does associate the {{{.py}}} extension with that Python
 interpreter, so even without the {{{setx}}} command, it's sufficient to
 run {{{tahoe.py}}} from the command-line instead of {{{tahoe}}}.

 > If we're going to make this change for v1.7.1 let us make it ''early''
 in the release cycle so that users on Windows have plenty of time to let
 us know if it changes the behavior in a way that causes them problems.

 OK, that makes sense.

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