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#1113: write the first edition of the Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News
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Comment (by kevan):

 <h3>Kevan Carstensen</h3>

 <p>Kevan is slowly but surely building the pieces that Tahoe-LAFS needs to
 interact with a new type of mutable file, called MDMF.</p>

 <p>Unlike current mutable files, which are processed all at once, MDMF
 mutable files are processed in small segments, very much like immutable
 files.  This has a pronounced effect on memory consumption, especially for
 larger files -- peak memory consumption will no longer be proportional to
 the size of the source file, but will instead be proportional to the size
 of one segment. This will effectively enable the use of large mutable

 <p>Currently, Kevan has defined the storage format for MDMF mutable files,
 written writers and readers for that format, written an uploader and a
 downloader that can process files in segments, and altered a lot of
 mutable file code to deal with segmented files. He is in the process of
 altering the webapi and other frontends to take advantage of segmented
 mutable files. He hopes to have a usable beta of some MDMF functionality
 available by July 16th, 2010. You can follow his progress on <a href='http
 ://tahoe-lafs.org/trac/tahoe-lafs/ticket/393'>ticket 393</a>.</p>


 I have a number of painful analogies that might make for good non-
 technical explanations about what MDMF does, and why it is better than
 SDMF -- if you think they would be useful, just let me know and I can work
 them in. :-)

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